Manchester's elite erotic massage service


Are your pictures real?

Yes, my pictures are real and recent. I have a healthy lifestyle which includes yoga, vegetarian food and jogging.

Do you offer sex?

No, I believe my service is better than sex. I am a unique erotic massage therapist, not an escort.


Do you offer oral sex?

No. (see above!)


Can we kiss?



Can I touch you during the massage?

Only if you are a regular client and I allow you to.


Do you smoke?



Can I bring a bottle of wine?

Yes, you can bring your favourite drink. Please note that the social part is considered part of the session.


Can I have a shower before/after?

Yes, you will be invited to have a shower before the massage and after. I have a nice shower and fresh, soft towels.


Where do you live?

I live close from Manchester city centre (5 minutes driving) and easily accessible by public transport.


Are you open to suggestions about the session?

Yes, as long as I am comfortable with your request. Please get in touch and we will discuss your fantasy.